Responsibilities of quality reception entertainment

Who carries the most responsibility to make your reception successful? What about your reception will your guests remember the most if they have a good time, or a bad time?

Hiring quality DJ / MC / Entertainment is the cheapest way to insure a successful event. Not to say that quality entertainment is inexpensive, but many future bride and grooms overlook the importance of the entertainment they choose for their wedding / reception. According to a major bridal magazine the DJ / MC / Entertainment accounts for up to 85% of the success the wedding reception, yet that same magazine pointed out that most wedding entertainment is cheaper than what the average caterer charges for a vegetable platter! And sometimes cheaper than the sales tax on the food!

Responsibilities of quality reception entertainment

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Event organizer
  • Sound technician
  • Light technician
  • Reading the crowd and picking the right music
  • Prepared to take requests with an extensive library of music
  • Use of professional grade equipment with back ups just in case
  • Motivating and interacting with the audience if needed and wanted
  • Coordinate with other professional vendors at your event
  • Flexibility to adapt to sudden changes or problems
  • Following the plan outlined with the reception planner
  • Seamless continuous music at all times unless otherwise specified

It comes down to a question of priority within your wedding budget no matter who you choose as your wedding entertainment. Realize that there is a big difference between that friend who will “work for beer”, a DJ that plays music at weddings on the weekends for extra money, and a professional entertainment company that plans and performs at weddings for a living. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the company you choose, spend the time to sit down and talk with the people who are actually going to perform at your wedding, not just the salesman of a large “DJ warehouse”.  Let Upbeat Entertainment make the 85% of your reception that we take responsibility for a lot more memorable than the vegetable platter.

Tim Gillner & Janet Mitsch
Owners – Upbeat Entertainment